Tteoobl Dslr SLR Camera Waterproof Underwater Housing Case

No tax and import fees needed. We offer 15-25 days Brand : Tteoobl Specifications : 17.5CM x19CMx7.8CM Lens length :10CM Transparent lens effective diameter: 8CM Material : high quality more

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   3.2 out of 5
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Product Features

  • Triple waterproof safe system for ensuring the waterproof function
  • Special transparent environment-friendly material without influencing the photographic effect
  • Soft jacket without influencing the operation of various functions of the camera and with certain damage and falling preventing functions
  • Multiple strict waterproof tests for ensuring the waterproof function within 20 waters
  • Automatic floating of the camera if fallen into the water carelessly in the use process of the product

Product Description


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