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The study examined the effect of bank combination on automotive marketplace financing.
61 participants selected through organizing random sampling method from GM Motors Nigeria Ltd formed the population for the study.
Data was collected using a survey device designed by the specialist. Chi-Square Statistical method was used to test the practices and all findings used at 0.05 alpha significant level. Your Analysis of the data revealed that the actual participants almost with one voice agreed that traditional bank consolidation had disturbed positively to the automobile sector in Nigerian overall economy.
Based on the findings it had been therefore recommended a few things that a regular article on automotive industry within Nigeria by the appropriate experts while effort should be made to improve the strength system electricity circumstance in Nigeria.

History of the Study
Mergers along with acquisitions should be given serious attention as an instrument for enhancing banking efficiency size and developmental roles in every economic climate. Dslr nomenclature Mergers and acquisitions especially in the banking industry is now a global sensation.
All over the world and due to the role of financing size has become a significant ingredient for success in the globalizing world. The last few years have witnessed the creation of by far the big banking groupings through mergers and acquisitions. The trend has been depending factors such as prospective customers of cost-savings due to financial systems of scale together with more efficient allocation associated with resources enhanced productivity in resource permitting and risk reduction arising from improved managing. However the vehicle industry is not omitted in the process of alliances. Through the years the industry has observed different types of global alliances. Regarding instances Renault- Nissan VW-Skoda GM-Daewoo to mention a few them
Before the small size of nearly all Nigerian banks each along with expensive headquarters weighty fixed costs in addition to operating expenses along with bunching of branches throughout few commercial centres had lead to very good average cost for your industry. This in turn possesses implications for the valuation on intermediation the spread between put in and lending costs and puts excessive pressures on banks to engage in sharp procedures as means of success. In an effort to survive the particular hurdle the Key Bank of Nigeria released the 25 billion Naira minimum capital bottom for banks to help make our banking companies much stronger and to in a position to compete favorably for some other banks in the world within providing credit establishments to other sectors regarding Nigeria economy.
However within 2004 as part of financial reform in some emerging economies the Nigerian bank system underwent impressive change in terms of the number of institutions ownership framework as well as depth along with breadth of functions. Banks begin to merge with other banks while bigger banks commence to acquire smaller ones while automotive sector has become an increasingly relevant contributor to countrys gross domestic product largely through strong increase in the motor companies in terms of increasing volume of local production and number of sales. Which is not peculiar for you to Nigeria alone.
This scenario raises the question -what impact involving banks consolidation about automotive industry financing in Nigeria It is important to think about this evolution from the life cycle associated with production assembly and purchasers that have impacted for the financial statements of General motors Motors Nig LTD. In order to preserve this process the vehicle industry as a whole needs huge capital power from strong in addition to reliable financial back- around remain viable in the economy and optimize their own environmental impact speak positive steps in order to non-governmental organization and other stakeholders to release their social corporate responsibilities while maintaining design of product service system from a sustainability mindset. Hence this work is determined to assess the impact of bank consolidation and capital provision for the automotive business financing in Nigeria A claim study of GM Nigeria ltd
GM Nigeria is a foremost participant in the automotive marketplace and one of the major motor vehicle assemblers and online marketers in the country. GM Nigeria can be a joint venture company in between UAC of Nigeria Plc - one of the most popular conglomerates in Nigeria and General Motors Corporation of Detroit the worlds largest automobile makers. The relationship of these a couple companies gives them the best support and edge in all facets of their operations i.elizabeth. Sales Parts Solutions and Assembling.
Concerning GM Global General Motors Corp. NYSE- GM our planets largest automaker may be the global industry revenue leader since 1931. Started in 1908 GM nowadays employs about 321500 people around the world. Its got manufacturing operations inside 32 countries as well as its vehicles are sold within 200 countries. GMs motor vehicle brands are Buick Ferrari Chevrolet GMC Holden HUMMER Oldsmobile Opel Pontiac Saab Saturn and Vauxhall. In a few countries the GM distribution network in addition markets vehicles manufactured by GM Daewoo Isuzu Subaru in addition to Suzuki
Brief History of GM Motors in Nigeria
1920 -- Started as a Organization called Miller Siblings Nigeria Limited which brought in cars in to West Africa
1927 - Began importing completely built Bedford commercial vehicles straight into Nigeria.
1929 - Became the Engines Department of then UAC now known as UACN Plc
1931 - Name changed for you to Niger Motors Limited. Continuing importing built cars.
1949 - Industrial Vehicles were mailed in as two times unit packs which often contained partially constructed chassis for two autos in one pack and also the wheels in the 2nd pack to be built locally.
1959 - Established Nigerias First Vehicle Assembly Plant at Apapa. The organization assembled the popular Bedford Vans of various models.
1965 The Assembly Grow was renamed Federated Motors Industries Then famously known as FMI and the submitting arm remained Niger Motors.
1979 - FMI started the actual assembly of vans from completely knocked down CRD parts.
1980 - The Federal Government approved FMI the Progressive Vehicle Manufacturer rank under the Approved User Scheme. This nomenclature ended up being attest to its high standard and high quality products at that period of time. FMI and Niger Motors have been converted into divisions connected with UACN Plc.

1991 - UACN Plc and Vehicle Corporation of United states of america incorporated GM Nigeria Confined as a Joint Venture Firm. The Assets connected with FMI and Niger Motors have been then transferred to GM Nigeria Limited. Vision
To become number one in the commercial segment of the automotive industry by providing exceptional worth to our customers. Quest
To provide automotive items of such quality as to enable our buyers enjoy superior worth while delighting other stakeholders
Creation and Address
Game master Nigeria Limited is involved in Nigeria under the Companies Allied Matters Act 1990 as being a private limited liability company and domiciled in Nigeria. The handle of its registered business office is-31 Mobolaji Manley Street Oregun Ikeja Lagos .
Principal Routines
The principal activities in the company are- construction of SKD Semi Shoved Down motor components to produce medium and high commercial trucks importation connected with FBU Fully Built Product pick-ups marketing and syndication of vehicles by means of its network or perhaps branches and merchants nationwide. The company supplies product support pertaining to parts and service at its Oregun plant Vent Harcourt branch Abuja branch in addition to through its quite a few Parts and services dealers. The company is also involved in provision associated with technical training for staff dealers and fast customers personnel.
Send out product range includes Isuzu Light medium and heavy commercial vehicles all with numerous body applications.

Shareholding Associated with Gm Nigeria Ltd
According to the enroll of members on 31st December 07 the following shareholders from the company held greater than 10 of the capital released shared capital from the company-
Variety of Shares
Percentage Presented
UAC of Nigeria Plc
General Motors USA
Thirty six000000
Staff of Game master motors Nigeria1200000010
Supply financial statement GM motors 2007

Serious national efforts towards the development of the automotive industry in Nigeria took place in the early 1970s with initial joint venture agreements in between Peugeot and Volkswagen organizations. By 2001 there were over 20 unique enterprises manufacturing a variety of vehicles from motorboats to trucks including motorcycles and motorcycles automobiles in Nigeria. The capacity utilization of the majority of they then is however suprisingly low largely due to the very high cost importing the components necessary to assemble vehicles neo government patronage and inadequate capital base connected with some of these organizations. From the introduction of the coverage of bank relief a lot of Nigeria feels which the banking sector might find to the end with this problem. But on the contrary Nigeria roads are full of imported second hand vehicle many as old while 10years as the country is surely an attractive dumping ground for all those kinds of toxic spend while a lot of motor vehicle companies in Nigeria dealing. Hence this study is sets to examine the impact of traditional bank consolidation on vehicle financing in Nigeria.
This study sets out to- To establish the effects involving bank consolidation on capital provision for the automobile sector in Nigeria. To provide a research focused framework for the development of excellent understanding of the basic features and importance of traditional bank consolidation as it has an effect on automotive industry in a economy. To determine the built in relationship between lender consolidation and capital provision for the motor vehicle industry Determine this resent increase financial declaration of GM engines and the working capital readily available for the industry
The following Research Issues will thus guild this study- In what way does the lending company consolidation affect money for the automotive sector in Nigeria What are the positive aspects that the automotive industry has derive from standard bank consolidation exercise As to what extent does Financial institutions consolidation provide a car or truck for automotive sector survival in a dynamic business environment As to what extent does traditional bank consolidation enhance development in the automotive industries To what extent can the resultant effect of banks consolidation increase the market likely of the automotive business
The following stated study hypotheses will guild this study-
Ho- There isnt any significant impact of bank consolidation and also capital provision for your automotive industry inside Nigeria.
H1- There is a significant influence of bank loan consolidation and capital supply for the automotive industry in Nigeria.

Ho- Banks consolidation dont provides a vehicle intended for automotive industry emergency and growth within a dynamic business surroundings.
H1- Banks consolidation provides a vehicle for motor vehicle industry survival inside a dynamic business atmosphere.

H0- The consequence banks mergers does not increase the market potential in the automotive industry
H1- The effects of banks merging increases the market probable of the automotive sector

The research is significant from the following ways- Firstly it will help investors inside automobile industry to appropriate the possibilities provided by the combination exercise in that distinct sector.
Secondly it can further assist business owners to understand the relevance of consolidation associated with banks to investment capital provision and finally itll serve as useful source of material for scientists and students.

This Study will be limited to Sixty a single staffs of General motors motor Nigeria Ltd. It will includes the funding in the automotive industry within Nigeria.

The research only looked at this impact of traditional bank consolidation on the vehicle industry. The population from the study covers merely the staff of Game master motors Ltd Oregun Lagos. Therefore this research may not be generalized.
Because the researcher was really the only interviewer and device of this study specialist bias may be possible in any of the interpretations. Though the researcher worked hard to keep out any personal viewpoints the possibility of subjectivity may still show up.
Also it is possible which respondentsdidnt give accurate details about their operations in other to maintain several level of social self-esteem. Human Resources manager from the organization also was required to answer interview questions from the researcher. This kind of provided a certain level of uncomfortableness and uncertainty as he was worried thathe could be judged by the responses. And finally the actual dearth of novels materials in the auto sector also was a major challenge
Breakdown of Findings
This work examined the impacts regarding banks consolidation upon automotive industry capital using G.L Motor Ltd as a research study. Sixty copies connected with questionnaires were dispersed fifty one were returned giving 85 answer rate. The results with the findings show that- consolidation have provided a vehicle with regard to automotive industry your survival and growth in an engaged business environment.
Once more automotive industry appears to grow due to finance institutions consolidation that can give huge capital requirement in case of expansion as a result of new products development or even acquisition of small auto companies and this is commonly a strategy to form world-wide alliances designed to monopolize and expand the brand image when merger occur and get in some cases political electricity. Furthermore banks consolidation provides a vehicle for automotive industrys corporate your survival and growth in a lively financial environment because it boosts the strength involving automotive industry and so it enhances auto industrys financial potential. Also the results revealed that banks merger offers economies of range and achieve some form of form teams for the automotive business and the resultant impression of banks loan consolidation increases the market probable of the automotive business.
The research also said banks consolidation create a higher market price and better earnings per talk about coupled with improvements in its stability though thoughts and opinions is divided as to whether this dividend before and after vehicle industry alliances cannot be preserved after the consolidation in order for the market price of the automotives stock to be recognized.
Banks consolidation seems to increase corporate energy and improve market share in some cases resulting in a high price earning ratio. The effort also showed that lender consolidation aids your automotive industry inside financing that would certainly not otherwise be possible to acquire which helps to achieve several synergistic effect without strong banks personal capital base.
Likewise revealed by the examine is the fact that banks Relief brings about adverse auto industry financial sustainable effects because the expected benefits did not happen for expected price reductions were not forth-coming hence it should bring about higher earnings or perhaps improve its stability. Furthermore the conclusions showed that banks merging is vested in car industry ability to create growth and the resultant profitability which will preferably be difficult and practically be impossible with no banks strong capital
Nigerians automobile marketplace is one of the continents fastest increasing sectors but it is deficient in the necessary local technology and finance to fully harness its probable and contribute to countrywide growth and development. This circumstance has ensured that will investing in the field has become the preserve connected with just a few foreign businesses in the automobile field largely based outside of the continent. Bank Loan consolidation introduced in Nigeria inside 2005 is an manifestation of strong wish of Nigeria government to reinforce a tool for enhancing consumer banking efficiency size and developmental roles in the economy. It is applicable to know that this workout has assisted the particular automaker industry to boost capital that may be require in times of boom together with depression and prosperous entry into solutions market as well as in to new geographical market segments in Nigeria. The primary intent behind corporate entities has been to increase the financial and also operational strength. Banking companies consolidation has helped with playing important roles of supporting the genuine sector like motor vehicle industry in a international context hence financial institutions have remained a different phenomenon in capital big projects throughout automotive industry within the corporate business world.
Outside the capital provision the auto sector in Nigeria also has experienced a lot very much neglect than different sectors Abiodun 2008. In seeking to achieve success in this particular sector vigorous attempts should be made to kitchen counter some of this elements which are known to have hindered achievement in this particular sector in the past such as power local content policy and stops on the importation of automobiles which can be locally constructed here. Effort should be designed to sustain this minor improvement that has been recorded in this sector as result of bank consolidation.
Professional recommendation
Based on the findings from the study and the truth at the disposal of the researchers the next recommendations are made Typical and study review of the particular automotive partscomponents development business in Nigeria by the appropriate authorities Government should provide incentive measures to be able to encourage the local car makers for making sure compliance with accepted local programmes The right of inspection as well as other quality assurance pursuits in factories ports and roads within pursuance of minimum regular of automobile about Nigeria Roads by the proper authorities Regular assessment of the pricing structure and excellence of the products of the assemblage plants to ensure overseas competitiveness Forecasting the demand and supply patterns many different types of automotive vehicles produced in Nigeria and the essential raw material prerequisites by the appropriate authorities The automobile sector must liaise with relevant organizations charged with the production of raw materials such as sheet metal alloy and specific steel and make sure can be acquired when needed
Finally The actual Nigerian government as a matter of emergency should articulate procedures that can promote enhancing local technology. Essential technical capacities which should include discouraging imports regarding completely built up items providing incentives for you to local assemblers to increase local content in production tax reduction in addition to subsidies and laws to ensure local articles in varying rates.
Dslr nomenclature

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