Canon Rebel Digital Camera

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The Canon Rebel T2i (known as EOS 550D outside of the US) is a rebel in its own light. An 18 megapixel digital single-lens reflex camera, the Rebel T2i was first introduced to the public in February 2010. Being the newest addition to the A-class cameras of Canon, the T2i is the newest rebel in the market. With it having a long list of features, the Rebel T2i is a rebel because some of these features are new to Canon.

The T2i’s highlighted features include 1080p HD video recording (with full manual control), a 3-inch 3:2 LCD and newly redesigned buttons. With its introduction early this year, the Rebel T2i redefines the boundaries of Canon’s consumer DSLR range. Incorporated in it are technologies and features more commonly found in professional DSLRs. The newest addition to Canon’s Rebel range is lightweight that would lead photography enthusiasts to explore new level of their skills and creativity.

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Canon's Rebel T2i is a very impressive DSLR which redefines what we can expect from the upper entry-level category. Just months after the high-end EOS 7D, the T2i delivers essentially the same image quality and flexible movie modes at half the price. Although the EOS T2i doesn't share the build quality, speed and handling of the EOS 7D, with its 18 Megapixels and HD video at a choice of frame rates and sizes, it is surely a powerful camera for the price.

The Rebel T2i handles much like the Rebel T1i; however, the Rebel T2i has a number of subtle changes like new button designs and a killer new 3:2 format LCD. This is the first Canon DSLR with a display that is actually the same shape of the sensor. The buttons on the rear of the camera are flatter than they were on the T1i and thus, are easier to use, which almost gives the camera controls on the rear a point and shoot feel.

Another addition to its rebellious nature is that the Rebel T2i uses a new battery, the LP-E8, bringing along with it a new battery grip. New from it too is the T2i’s ability to set the top limit for automatic ISO. These features are proof that the T2i continues Canon’s tradition of filtering new technology and features down from its advanced DSLR ranges. The Canon Rebel T2i will cost you around US$1,200 (already with a lens kit).

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